From £1 per week you can be part of the Stratford Town Lottery


All monies raised will go directly to support your club and help the development and facilities at Knights Lane

How do I join? Simple. Choose how many chances you want to purchase for the weekly draw. You will be allocated a unique membership number from 1 to 500 for each chance you purchase. If your number is pulled out of the hat when drawn you win.

How do I pay? Each entry costs £1 per week, payable by standing order either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Fill in the standing order form obtainable from the promoter, behind the bar or by downloading the attachment from below.

How much can I win? A single cash prize of 50% of the entry fees will be payable each week and the size of the prize is dependant upon the number of entries. The weekly draw will take place each Sunday evening at the club house in Knights Lane and will continue throughout the year.

How will winners be notified? All winners will be notified by the club. Details will also be posted on the website and notice boards at Knights Lane.

Click the Downloads to Learn more about the Stratford Town FC Lottery Draw


Standing Order Form